Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mr. Peabody's Coal Train and the Chuckanuts

Copyright Paul K. Anderson
A Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train passes thru Blanchard as it enters
the Chuckanuts.
As many as nine fully loaded coal trains a day will pass through the Chuckanuts and return after unloading according to a plan by SSA Marine to build a $500 million bulk loading shipping terminal at Cherry Point in northern Whatcom County.

Coal would be loaded on freighters bound for China.

Peabody Energy recently announced that it was prepared to export 24 million metric tons of coal per year via the new Gateway Pacific Terminal.

Bob Ferris, executive director of Re-Sources for Sustainable Communities was recently interviewed and quoted for an article in the Bellingham Herald.

ReSources for Sustainable Communities has additional information on their site.

Expect with the terrible earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactor disaster in Japan that there will be a huge marketing push for the continued use of coal - and development of this project.

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