Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter in and around the Chuckanut Range

Snow Geese turn into the northern breeze to land in a farmers field to feed before nightfall.
Copyright 2011 Paul K Anderson

Tundra Swans head out to the Salish Sea as dark storm clouds approach.
Copyright 2011 Paul K Anderson

Any time is a good time to visit the Chuckanut Range and lands surrounding, but if you are itching to get out and don't want to hike in the snowy, icy conditions drive down to the Samish Delta around Blanchard and Edison, head over towards Samish Island, and then drive over to the Skagit Flats and Fir Island area.

Late yesterday afternoon the raptors, Tundra Swans and Snow Geese were out in full force.

Take a circular route and end up having dinner at one of the fine establishments here and in Fairhaven area of Bellingham after finishing your trip on Chuckanut Drive.

A Bald Eagle is knocked off the carcass of a Snow Goose by a rival.
Copyright Paul K Anderson 2011

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