Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring hikes off to a great start

Last weekend, we had very strong turn-out for two cool outings above and below Blanchard Mountain. Saturday, we explored the higher slopes of the mountain with Bud Hardwick to see the remnants of old railroad logging trestles and other relics of a bygone era.

On Sunday, a good crowd perservered through a cold light rain as we looped through the town of Blanchard, passing the site of Edward R. Murrow's boyhood home, a number of historic buildings and enough local trivia to fill a train station. Thanks to our guides Tom Wake and Lynn Lennox, who opened up the Blanchard Chapel and shared stories and old photos. Thanks also to Brendan Howley at the soon-to-open Chuckanut Art Farm for hosting the bagel feast!

We plan to offer these trips again, so keep an eye on our website or get in touch if you would like to participate.