Saturday, November 27, 2010

Salmon Continue to Run Up Chuckanut Creek

©Paul K. Anderson Salmon and Ferns From Chuckanut Creek

You still have time to see the salmon swimming up Chuckanut Creek.  The snowmelt and rain seemed to bring up some larger fish from the Salish Sea and Chuckanut Bay,

From Fairhaven in Bellingham head down Chuckanut Drive and turn left just past the Chuckanut Gallery.  There are several parking turnouts within the next 1/2 mile.

Park and walk down the trails into Arroyo Park and hike up or downstream.  Might be a good idea to wear proper footgear.  Yesterday there was still snow on the trail mixed with plenty of slop and some mud.

There may not be too many days left to observe this natural wonder provided by the Chuckanut Range ecosystem services so grab the kids, grandkids, or your sweetie and visit.  It's a Thanksgiving treat!

These images were photographed late yesterday afternoon - Friday November 26th.

©Paul K. Anderson

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  1. Paul - It had been awhile since I looked this blog. Wow as always. Really enjoyed reading all the write ups and of course the pictures.