Saturday, August 28, 2010

Where did the summer go?

It was just May! How can it be late August already? Well, despite the quiet time on our blog, much is still happening behind the scenes, of course.

-- A new fall events calendar is coming together, so keep an eye out for more expert-led hikes, volunteer trail work opportunities, and a few fun surprises to be announced shortly.

-- The Conservancy is closely monitoring a plan by Great Western Lumber to clearcut 82 acres adjacent to Larrabee State Park. This is a private inholding surrounded by state land that should have been added to the park years ago. Where is it? From the Clayton Beach trailhead, walk up the old Fragrance Lake Road a mile, turn right on the "South Chuckanut Road" and follow that to the top of the mountain. Near where the road disappears in recovering forest a great trail leads to the Great Western property. Two trails pass through the property and both have been maintained by volunteers for many years. They have become integral to the Larrabee trail system above Lost Lake. The property is situated smack in the middle of the wild corridor between the state park and Blanchard Mountain. If you would like to learn more or want to help save this gorgeous property, please contact us.

-- The Conservancy was out tabling at events this summer, including the Community Co-op Party and the Bivalve Bash where we have enjoyed, as always, strong support for our work.

-- We are just now putting together details on a couple of short films to be produced this fall and posted on Youtube. We need your creative energy, so please get in touch if you have videography or editing skills to contribute.

-- Many local businesses have donated to the cause since we announced our "100+ Businesses Who Love the Chuckanuts" campaign a few months ago, but we need many more to contribute! We ask for a minimum $100 donation to be recognized. The number one donor to date: Fairhaven Runners, with a tremendous $4,000 contribution. The question now is, who will be first to donate $5,000? We know it will happen, so please help us spread the word among your business friends. The Chuckanut Mountains are absolutely critical to the quality of life we enjoy around here--and we think that high quality of life is central to the success of countless businesses in the region. We're glad that our businesses supporters agree.

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