Saturday, August 28, 2010

Enjoy the Chuckanuts

Hi Everyone,

Boy what beautiful weather we have right now.  Summer is waning, school starts soon and fall is looking over our shoulder.

Time to get out and enjoy the Chuckanut Range.

At the request of so many of you we will be posting and adding more images on a regular basis.

Other events that we want to offer in the future include photo seminars/walks in the Chuckanut Range to help you create your own masterpieces.

The daughter needs a new pair of running shorts so I am heading over to one of the great supporters of the Chuckanut Conservancy - Fairhaven Runners.  Thanks for their donation and to all of the sponsors who are trying to protect this wonderful landscape so close to where we live.

Sunrise over the Chuckanut Range from the Lummi Nation ©Paul Anderson  


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