Saturday, April 9, 2011

Summer Sunset

Just to the right of center on the horizon is the British Columbia Superport, you can see the cranes for loading the sea containers onto the ships.  The West Shore Coal Loading facility already in operation for a number of years is adjacent to the towers seen here from Blanchard Mountain at the south end of the Chuckanuts.

All Photos Copyright Paul K. Anderson 2011
The View from Blanchard Mountain

Here are several images from Ferndale, Washington yesterday afternoon.

Crossing the Nooksack

If this super port goes through what could follow - demands that they can't compete, that they need to double/triple the shipments or they leave.  Will the refineries ask to enlarge, will petrochemical plants eventually come in to produce plastic bottles to ship bottled water (water brought in from Canada via pipelines owned by oil companies) to Japan and countries stricken stricken with climate change?

I'm just asking so full discussions can take place.

Better to not open this pandoras box.

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