Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mt.Baker Rising Above the Chuckanut's to Cascades Corridor

Snow fell overnight in Bellingham in a peculiar pattern. Just north of Bakerview Road there was little if any.  On my deck I measured a bit over 5 inches.  I decided it was perfect weather for a drive through the Chuckanuts.

To be honest I was envisioning a photograph with an eagle or hawk perched on a post or telephone pole or perhaps the stoic heron with some fresh snow landing on their feathers as I captured the image.  Alas, not to be.  This close to the Salish Sea it was warm enough to have been mostly rain with just a smattering of snow.

Many don't like to go out and photograph in inclement weather, it's either too dark or too gray, too wet.........

But some of the best photographs can be captured on the cusp of weather, coming in or leaving.

Down here on the Samish Delta just southeast of Edison this morning it was dark, gray, drizzly, snowing and for a brief moment partially clear. Cold, clear, northern air pushed the clouds south just enough to briefly reveal Baker in beautiful early morning light. I didn't have time to set up the tripod and use a longer lens so I hand held and cropped this image to draw in Baker as it poked its summit over the Chuckanut's to Cascades Corridor near Blanchard Mt.

copyright 2011 by Paul K. Anderson

Enjoy, and get out and visit the Chuckanuts,  and the small burgs and businesses surrounding it!

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