Thursday, October 28, 2010

The View from Blanchard Mt. - British Columbia

Logging continues in the Chuckanut Range today! Trucks are removing timber and delivering to mills on a daily basis right now!

It can't be emphasized enough that within eyesight of Blanchard Mountain and the Chuckanut Range live almost 7 million people.  It is projected that within 50 years the population will increase to 11 million.

In this early summer view from Blanchard Mt. at the southern end of the Chuckanut Range, you can see north into British Columbia.  Notice the large cranes for loading and unloading ships near Vancouver, B.C.?  Click on the photograph to enlarge it in your viewer.

The Salish Sea from the Chuckanut Range ©Paul Anderson

Here is another view of a clearing winter storm from the same, easily accessible location, (it's a short several mile drive from I-5 at the Alger Exit)  looking west into the San Juan Island Archipelago.

Samish Island and the San Juan's from the Chuckanut Range ©Paul Anderson
The ecosystem services provided yearly by the Chuckanut Range, including clean water, carbon sequestration, and recreational benefits far outweigh the short term economic benefits of logging.

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