Monday, September 6, 2010

A Brief Walk in the Chuckanut Range

Order, disorder, symmetry, imbalance, .............  decay.

Take a moment on your travels through the Chuckanut Range to observe the small, the common.  It is late summer and a transition between the flush of summer growth and fall colors.

Not all beauty is seen from high overlooks or in spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  Subtle beauty surrounds us and is always there - if we choose to look.

Yesterday we took a short walk up the Hemlock Trail under overcast skies. Runners, hikers, mountain bikers passed.

A few walkers ambled, deep in thought.

The bright green leaves of spring and early summer are fading, a few have fallen and begun the process of replenishing the duff at our feet. Some spots on aging leaves, tho still green, are translucent, others dark and foreboding.

A subtle reminder to us that life goes on.

Enjoy your stage..........


all images in this post ©Paul K Anderson

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